Bluewater Purifiers

Bluewater Spirit water purifier

Quality and Reliability at work or home.

South Carolina homes and businesses are thirsting for a reliable source of quality drinking water. A drinking water solution that filters effectively, delivers an endless supply, and offers convenience that bottled water can’t match.

Bluewater satisfies that thirst! With three high-performance systems to choose from – Cleone, Spirit, and Pro – you get the best possible water for your home or business.

Bluewater features next-level reverse osmosis filtration technology. Its superior membrane filters contaminants down to .0001 microns in size – that’s 400 times smaller than the largest virus! Waterborne chemical contaminants, toxic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria are gone, leaving only pristine water for drinking or food preparation.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, Bluewater satisfies your thirst for life with an endless supply of fresh tap water on demand. Cleone delivers 50 gallons of water per day; Spirit, 39 gallons per hour; Pro, 76 gallons per hour.

In your home or at the office, Bluewater Cleone, Spirit and Pro satisfy your need for high quality drinking water. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your health and wellness – and the environment!  Contact Quality Life Solutions to learn more about Bluewater and to schedule a free consultation.


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