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Serving South Carolina with over 60 years of combined experience our certified staff can share their experience and provide you with water treatment solutions for your water treatment needs. From lake system solutions, well units, city water, food service solutions, office solutions, drinking water units, and UV disinfection solutions.

Max Water Drop

"Our customers are our #1 asset, as referrals are our largest source of new customers. We are reminded of this from the letters and calls we receive from our customers thanking us for all the benefits and outstanding service they receive. Please take the time to read what our customers have to say in our testimonial section on this site.

We look forward to serving you," 
Randall "Randy" Shuler and the Quality Life Team

QLS is based in Chapin, South Carolina – home of Max the super water molecule.

  Here is a great article about us in a 2008 article in the "Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine".

  An article in the 2015 "Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine".

We know and understand that every household has unique water and the individual water treatment needs. Call us today to learn more!


Our Promise to you: QLS will market the highest quality products at a reasonable cost. We will continue to offer unmatched quality service. We continue to maintain a staff of certified professionals committed to serving you. As our greatest asset is you our customer.

Evolve Series is a trusted name dedicated to advancing the science and art of innovative water treatment solutions. With Evolve Series, innovative water treatment means providing more efficient water so you can have a more efficient home, with longer lifespans for your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures, while also assuring better health for your family.

Backed by over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, Evolve Series's water treatment systems will fulfill your family's needs with the highest level of efficiency and versatility. After all, better science makes brilliant water.


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