Why does my water smell like Chlorine?

Monday, March 2nd, 2020 by Breanna Johnson


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Chlorine In Your Home's Water

Does your home's water smell or taste like a swimming pool? The familiar smell of chlorine is common around the swimming pool on a warm summer day. Unfortunately, that same smell could be coming from the water inside the house too — the water used to drink, cook, bathe and do laundry.

The EPA requires cities to treat water with a detectable amount of chlorine in order to prevent contamination, so it is added to all city water to keep the water safe as it travels to your home. That means if you live in town, your water has these added chemicals in it. Once the water is in your home, these chemicals are no longer necessary. Chlorine has the obvious foul taste and smell but will also dry out your skin over time.

Lucky for you, you can put an end to living with “swimming pool” water. There are EvolveSeries® options for every water problem. The EVRC® and EVRCS® systems are exclusively designed to take care of this and other unpleasant tastes and odors you may be experiencing in your water. 

The City Water Solution

W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology) If you're on municipal water and live in Northeast Wisconsin, the Evolve RC models (EVRC and EVRCS) are not only ideal for handling chlorine water, but they also reduce levels of hardness. Many people believe hardness minerals are removed during the city’s treatment process, but that is not the case. Hardness does not pose any kind of health concerns so the city is not required to remove it. 

The high-performance resin media and activated carbon split tank configuration filter and soften your water in a single unit.

The system is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, improving taste and eliminating unwanted odors. The result is more brilliant water through better science, which saves you time and money.

The Evolve Series® RC Softeners are equipped with W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology) - Innovation That Saves. No other water treatment solution can compare in features or performance to W.E.T. features. Install the most efficient system on the market in your home to save water, salt, and money.

If hard water is not a concern in your area, plain whole-house carbon filtration systems are also available to reduce your chlorine concerns.

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